Earth Day April 22


On April 22 we celebrate Earth Day.

This is a day to reflect on the importance of our environment and the clear connection that it shares in our daily health.

We need to build a green economy that transforms the mode of production and consumption in our society, making existing jobs more environmentally sustainable, and simultaneously creates new decent paying, full time, safe and healthy green jobs in all sectors of society.

We need strategies that will put public interest above corporate interest; a strategy that recognizes the threat of climate change; and one that sees Canada capture a larger share of the new jobs and growth spawned by the global shift to renewable energy.

Our members demand that we protect their jobs and incomes.  At the same time, our members also demand that we work hard to improve the environment.  Both demands are reasonable ones to put on our union. Both demands would serve us well.

For future generations – for our future – participate and demonstrate support for environmental protection this Sunday in your community.

In solidarity,


National Health, Safety and Environment Department