Executive 1996-O member message – COVID-19

1996-O Executive Message

Good day Sisters and Brothers of Unifor Local 1996-O.


We are writing you today as we all deal with this serious Health Pandemic (COVID 19). Your Executive have been working around the clock with the National Union, Health and Safety and Bell Technical Solutions to ensure you are well informed and safe while you continue on the job with confidence. In these difficult times, it is important that we support each other in Solidarity and when you go home, talk openly with your families about their concerns. Although this is serious, we will get over this with the help and support of each other.

As we move forward, this Executive is committed to continue updating you immediately as more information is circulated.

We urge you to frequently visit the Bell I-net, Unifor National website, Local 1996-O website, Local 1996-O Facebook and Twitter for these important updates.

We will be continuing with visibility at work centres as much as possible.

In closing, this is not something we could have ever expected but it is something that each of us must deal with going forward. We will deal with this together as a team and we will support each other like we have never done before. This is our call as a Union, as Sisters and as Brothers.

May you and your families be safe and be well.


Please visit the links below:

COVID-19 Web Page

Visit www.unifor.org/covid19 for the most up to date union information, resources, and news on the coronavirus. At this point in the crisis, new information is posted daily, including a growing list of sector-specific backgrounders.


COVID-19 Checklist for income replacement

This checklist sets out the possible measures that may be available for income replacement events including; sickness cue to COVID-19, isolation or quarantine, family care obligations, and layoff or business closures.

Download the checklist (PDF)


Sources: WHO, Ontario Government etc





coronavirus Fact sheet



In Solidarity,

Lee,  Sanjay,  Brian,  Chris

Local 1996-O