Final Report: Survey on Performance Management

Does Performance management help you perform your job better?


March 5, 2019


To:       All Telecommunications Locals across Canada


Re:       Final Report: Survey on Performance Management




We are happy to share the final report from our monumental members’ survey on stacked ranking and performance management.


Thank you for all of the hard work that each of you put into promoting participation in the survey. Your emails, leafletting, postering, meetings and social media posts helped ensure that wide varieties of members’ experiences are reflected in the survey results.


With a large membership base filling out the survey, the results provided some useful insight on how performance management and stacked ranking impacts members in their workplace. From October 22 to November 19, 2018, thousands of members responded to the survey.


Their comments and experiences painted a clear picture of the ineffective and unfair treatment that employees face as a result of stacked ranking and other performance management techniques.


We have attached the final report from the survey to this email, which you are encouraged to share with your members.


This is not the last that you will hear about stacked ranking, but it is an important turning point.


As we solidify the removal of stacked ranking for Bell Sales members and push to enforce that change across the sector, our campaign will grow as required to achieve the desired changes for all those affected.


We are looking forward to getting that work done with all of you.


In solidarity,

Chris MacDonald                                                        John Caluori

Assistant to the National President                            Assistant to the Quebec Director



Tyson Siddall

Telecommunications Director


Read the report here…..2019.02-FINAL-Report on Stack Ranking and Performance Management