Injured Workers Day – June 1st

37th annual Injured Workers Day (1)

37th annual Injured Workers Day (1)


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Sisters and Brothers,

This is our 37th year in Ontario commemorating the proclamation of Injured Workers Day. The naming of a day for injured workers did not come from thin air.  It came as a result of decades of struggle by injured workers for justice.

The demand for justice and dignity continues in 2020…

Workers need protection on the job.  When workers are injured or sick the Workers Compensation and Insurance Board (WSIB) must cover them without aggravation or delay. WSIB must stop pretending injured workers have jobs that they do not in fact have (deeming) and cutting their benefits.


We believe more needs to be done during this Pandemic to protect essential workers fighting COVID-19 on the front lines. All workers in industries deemed essential by Ontario must be able to make a claim to WSIB without having to prove they contracted the disease at work.

Our essential workers need to know that the Ford government has their back – if they get sick or need to be quarantined, WSIB will fully support them.


We rally on this day, June 1st, to celebrate the gains made through united action, raise current concerns – and remind governments that injured workers cannot be ignored.


Because of COVID-19, for the first time since 1983, injured workers and allies will gather ONLINE to celebrate our collective strength and push for a better future.  Let us not go back to how things were, but stand together to look towards a better future instead.


Join the Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups and allies for an online rally.



Monday, June 1st – 11:00 am to 12:30 pm ET – 37th Annual Injured Workers’ Day



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In solidarity,


Unifor Health, Safety and Environment Department