More than 10,000 Ontarians Rally for Public Health Care


Unifor members across the province united in hope with more 10,000 Ontarians at the April 30 Ontario Health Coalition’s Rally for Public Healthcare.

People from across the province filled the lawn of Queen’s Park to oppose Doug Ford’s privatization agenda and health care cuts.

“If there is one thing we know about Canadians, it’s that they love our public health care system and will staunchly defend the right to access quality, public care,” said Katha Fortier, Assistant to National President. “That’s why Unifor locals organized buses from every corner of this province to unite on April 30.”

The rally brought together Unifor members, labour unions, community partners, patients and concerned citizens to push back against the Ford government’s moves to destroy public services in Ontario. Participants carried handmade signs and posters with their vision of stronger public healthcare, and critiques of the Conservatives’ destruction.

“This incredible rally brought together Unifor activists from as far as Sault Saint Marie who boarded  to buses at as 3:00 a.m. to unite for a better Ontario and fight back against Ford’s privatization agenda,” said Naureen Rizvi Ontario Regional Director. “The dedication by Unifor activists shows me that a better Ontario is possible. An Ontario that invests in health care, and education, and where workers’ rights are defended.”

Last week, the Ontario legislature passed Bill 74, titled “The Peoples Health Care Act” giving sweeping new powers to the Minister of Health and to fifteen appointed board members, opening the door to profit-driven companies.

“How does a politician who ran on the slogan for the people govern like he is only interested in serving corporations and his wealthy friends?” said Rizvi, at the rally on April 30.

“The people of Ontario are rising up against Doug Ford’s privatization agenda. We have seen high school students walk out of their classrooms protesting education cuts, families of children with autism protest inside Queen’s Park against funding cuts and today we have over 10,000 Ontarians on the lawn of Queen’s Park letting Doug Ford know public health care is not for sale,” continued Rizvi.

“The scale of the Conservatives’ destruction to healthcare is staggering,” said Rizvi. “Every government is answerable to the people, and the people of Ontario can win against this governments’ privatization and cuts.”

Unifor members will continue to organize community town halls, events and rallies across the province to stop Ford’s privatization agenda