Pink Shirt Day is Back!


Unifor proudly recognizes Pink Shirt Day, an annual event on the last Wednesday in February where Canadians across the country come together to support the important commitment to a safe, harassment-free environment at work and school.

Pink Shirt Day began in Berwick, Nova Scotia in 2007 when David Shepherd, Travis Price and a large group of students decided to defend their peer who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. In a show of solidarity, they, and many students turned up to school the next day wearing pink shirts.

All members are encouraged to participate in Pink Shirt Day, which happens on Wednesday, February 27 this year. Wearing a pink shirt on that day is both an important statement of solidarity to those who have been bullied.  By wearing a pink shirt, and sharing a message or the Unifor image online, you can help to show that the union is committed to speaking out against bullying and harassment.