Revivre goes digital to support even more Canadians during COVID-19

Bell Let’s Talk donation kicks off fundraising campaign

Montréal, June 16, 2020 – Revivre, a leader in the field of mental health, is going digital with the launch of virtual services to help meet growing demand for mental health support while respecting social distancing measures linked to COVID‑19, supported by a new fundraising campaign SolidaiRevivre. Thanks to a commitment of $650,000 from Bell Let’s Talk and the support of many other stakeholders, including National Bank, Echo Foundation, Fondation Casse-Tête, Hewitt Foundation, and Power Corporation of Canada, the campaign is well on its way to achieving its $3,000,000 goal.

Revivre’s virtual service offering:

  • Workshops based on e-learning and on-line interventions – both individual and group – using interactive tools
  • Developed using Revivre’s in-house expertise with the support of mental health researchers
  • Based on the concept of self-management support, empowering people to assume responsibility for their own health to:
    • Reduce symptoms
    • Prevent relapses
    • Improve their day-to-day well-being
    • Available in French and English

Quickly offer clinically validated tools to all who need them

Every year, 1.6 million Canadians report having unmet mental health needs. This figure is increasing as the current health and economic crisis is causing growing numbers of people to experience insecurity, uncertainty, and grief. At the same time, social distancing rules now in place make it impossible to hold face-to-face meetings and workshops. The use of digital technology will enable Revivre to safely offer much-needed support to more Canadians during the pandemic as well as during the ensuing mental health crisis.

Workplaces with growing needs

As employees see their working conditions change the need for mental health support is also growing in the workplace. Unfortunately, during this time of crisis, few companies have the means to invest in the mental health of their staff. Revivre’s virtual services will help them provide the necessary tools to support their employees and managers.

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