Take action for racial justice on Emancipation Day

To mark the August 1st Day of Emancipation, Unifor is holding a Day of Action for Racial Justice across Canada that includes workplace and online actions on July 31st. As part of the effort, Unifor has created and distributed t-shirts that read “2020 Civil Rights Movement. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”

In order to make the day as successful as possible, Unifor leadership is encouraging members to share photos and videos of their actions and individual members wearing our t-shirts and participating in local and online events to social media platforms using the hashtag #Unifor4RacialJustice. As well, Unifor members are encouraged to share photos and videos with Unifor’s Communications Department at communications@unifor.org.

On July 31 Unifor members and locals plant to hold the following events where possible and take the following actions:

As trade unionists, we must continue to work towards combating discrimination in all its forms. We must continue to organize, educate and take action in our workplaces and our communities.