Telecom companies moving to block spoofed calls

Canada’s telecom companies are rolling out new call-blocking technologies they say could reduce the number of phone calls Canadians get from scam artists.

The move comes in response to a directive from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), which gave them until December 19 to take action to reduce the number of nuisance calls getting through to Canadians.

Bell Canada and Rogers have been working on the problem and say they expect to meet the deadline set by the CRTC.

“We’re testing the new universal network-level call blocking technology on our network and will be ready for full implementation by the CRTC’s deadline,” said Nathan Gibson, spokesman for Bell Canada. “We’ve also applied to the CRTC to conduct a 90-day trial of new call blocking technologies we’re developing to further protect customers from fraudulent and scam calls.”…….

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