Tum – Truck Utilization Module Award

The Executive has received several concerns and questions about the Tum process and acceptable practices.

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Subject:     BTS Memo:  Important update on vehicle utilization (Aug 27 2015 Communication)

Since the Company started to use the Vehicle Matching Process, many technicians have benefited from the program. First, it allows many garage dispatch technicians to travel a lesser distance to work with their own vehicle to pick up a Company truck. Second, it allows BTS to continue to provide the home dispatch privilege to its employees and even to expand the program to some employees that are garage dispatched.
The Company will continue to use the Vehicle Matching Process. Obviously, this has raised some concerns in the past that we are confident have been addressed and resolved. You are probably aware that Unifor filed a grievance contesting the right of the Company to match a garage dispatch technician with the vehicle of a home dispatch technician. An arbitrator confirmed the validity and reasonableness of the Vehicle Matching Process. The arbitrator also confirmed that garage dispatch employees should not pick up the vehicle keys before the start of their shift.
As we want to make the process clear for everyone, you will find below a recap of the responsibilities for technicians involved in the Vehicle Matching Process.
If you have any questions on the above, please discuss your concern with your manager.”

TUMS Communication Aug 27 2015

Employee responsibilities…Tums

Still have questions or concerns?…Reach out to your Steward