Unifor escalates Shame on Bell campaign

Shame On Bell - Unifor

To Bell telecommunication and media locals:

Our Shame on Bell campaign made waves in Ottawa last month with the launch of our campaign website, our media conference and rally.

Our advocacy is continuing to have an effect in holding the telecoms and media company accountable as the House of Commons Heritage committee has now summoned Bell executives to appear before them on Thursday, April 11.

Unifor is ready and waiting for their appearance.

There is no doubt that Bell is feeling the heat. Many of you will have received an email from Bell HR about the job cuts and how the company is supporting departing ‘team members.’ This was followed by a ‘fact’ sheet from Bell where the company attempts to justify the largest layoff in 30 years. The truth is there isn’t enough PR spin in the world to explain cutting more than 6,000 jobs while the Bell Board continues to raise dividends, buy back shares and continuously line their pockets on the backs of workers.

Today, we’re introducing the Meet the Board component on our campaign site to show who these executives really are – a privileged group of corporate elites, made up of mostly wealthy men.

View the Meet the Board page here.

The next target we have our sights on is the Bell shareholders meeting on Thursday, May 2. Further information on that will be shared in the near future.

We continue to ask out members to sign the petition on the campaign website and tell Bell how angry and disgusted you are with them and spread the word on social media with this sharable.

In solidarity,

Lana Payne
National President
Len Poirier
National Secretary-Treasurer
Daniel Cloutier
Quebec Director