Unifor launches boycott of Mexican-made GM vehicles

Jerry Dias

Dear members,

Today, your union launched a boycott of Mexican-made General Motors vehicles to protest the automaker’s plans to slash Canadian and American manufacturing while expanding production in Mexico.

This company thinks it can rob Canada of jobs without repercussions, but they’re wrong.  The boycott call is specific to vehicles manufactured in Mexico to send a message to GM that its customers will not be party to the exploitation and betrayal of workers.

Today’s announcement specifically targets GM-made vehicles that are made in Mexico, and materials attached clearly include instructions on how to identify only those vehicles.

I am asking all members to join this call and take the simple pledge today: Tell your local dealerships that you won’t buy Mexican-made GM vehicles if GM refuses to reverse the decision and save the Oshawa Assembly Plant.

At a time of record profits, GM plans to throw thousands of Canadians out of work with the closure of its top-quality Oshawa plant and four U.S. facilities while the company expands in Mexico to take advantage of low pay and a lack of human and labour rights.

As a consumer and union member, you can continue to show support for Canadian autoworkers by purchasing North American union-made vehicles, including GM products (a list of can be found here). For more information, watch and share this new television commercial that outlines how to identify where your vehicle is made through its VIN number.

Together, we must take a strong stand in defiance of this greedy international corporation, which seeks to raise profits by lowering the bar for workers.

In solidarity,

Jerry Dias
National President