Unifor launches ‘Shame on Bell’ campaign

Shame on Bell graphic

Dear Unifor Bell members:

Last month, when Bell made the callous decision to cut 4,800 jobs – 9% of its workforce – affecting 800 of you, our members, we called them out.

The recent terminations are the latest move by Bell to eliminate our work, as the company continues to contract out, offshore work and erode jobs across Bell units.

As one of the country’s oldest companies, Bell played a historic role in connecting Canadians with a trusted place in homes across Canada. They have broken that trust with the betrayal of their dedicated workers.

We warned them we were going to fight back. And we’re ready to bring it to them in full force.

Today, we launched our new campaign, appropriately called, Shame on Bell.

View the campaign website here.

Sign the petition on the campaign website and tell the Bell Board executives how disgusted you are with them and spread the word on social media with these shareables.

We will have worker testimonials coming soon on the site.

On March 19 in Ottawa, Bell execs will be called before the House of Commons’ heritage committee to answer for the job cuts.

Unifor will be there.

We will be holding a media conference and then we will take our voices to the streets of our nation’s capital to show Bell, their execs, politicians and the public that the company cannot hide, duck and run for cover.

We invite Bell locals in Ontario and Quebec who are within driving distance to join us. More details will be provided in the coming days.

In solidarity,

Lana Payne
National President

Len Poirier
National Secretary-Treasurer

Daniel Cloutier
Quebec Director

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