Unifor National Grievance Policy Settlements (Update,MOA)

Please see the attached MOA in regards to the original agreed upon preamble terms for Unifor National Policy Grievance settlements……


In the Matter of Grievances BTS-ON-16-04, BTS-ON- 17-01, BTS-ON-17-02 and BTS-ON- 17-03

and other relatd grievances

Bell Technical Solutions

(the “Company”) And


(the “Union) Minutes of Settlement

WHEREAS the parties are part to a collective agreement from May 2, 2011 until May 6, 2018 (“Collective Agreement”);

AND WHEREAS the Company agrees to the following resolutions, in an attempt to improve the working environment and relationship with its employees and the Union. The Company will be accountable, going forward, for the governance of all overtime, regardless of the nature (incidental, voluntary or compulsory I forced assigned) and will establish a process to approve and record on a daily basis. Such records will be maintained by the Company and will be provided to the Local Union and LRC on a bi-weekly basis. It is further understood that the Company shall not schedule a shift less than eight (8) hours to any employee, overtime or regular hours that would be in contravention of the terms agreed upon by the parties below;


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Please see the attached Global settlement offers….This letter is for the purpose of confirming the agreement to settle National Policy Grievances BTS-ON-16-04, BTS-ON-17-01, BTS-ON-17-02 and BTS-ON-17-03. This agreed upon settlement offer is between Unifor National and BTS, Once the official MOA has been signed it will be posted with all conditions and terms and dates.

The preamble terms are outlined below…click the link

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