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On February 7, Prime Minister Trudeau is hosting a meeting with provincial leaders to finalize a deal on health care funding.

This meeting comes after months of negotiation, and in many provinces, decades of damage to public care.

Throughout the pandemic, hallways were overcrowded with patients, Intensive Care Units were full to capacity and many lost their lives in long-term care homes. Across the country, hospital emergency rooms closed due to staffing shortages.

Now, a renewed push by provinces to privatize hospital services is threatening to worsen the crisis by pulling even more staff out of the public system, and putting patients’ access to care at risk – especially vulnerable communities.

Keeping health care public must be the goal. Public health care is centred on the profoundly important principle of equality and accessibility. That commitment to equality is what makes these public systems superior to any other, and worth fighting for.

For years, Canadians have been demanding that federal and provincial governments put people before profits. It’s time to work together to address the crisis and improve our public health care. 

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