VIA Rail’s Pivot to Privatization: The call to fight for public passenger rail – sign petition

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|March 08, 2024

The impending privatization of VIA Rail brings with it a cloud of uncertainty for its unionized employees.

The government’s plan, shrouded in ambiguity, leaves us facing an unprecedented challenge to our livelihoods and the quality of service we’ve proudly delivered to Canadians for decades.

The transition to a private operator marks uncharted territory, with the potential to fundamentally alter the fabric of our work lives. The implications for Unifor members—and all unionized employees—are profound.

The end of our current collective agreements is set to coincide with the privatization schedule, placing our working conditions in a precarious balance. We’re not just facing changes; we’re facing a potential overhaul of the employment landscape as we know it.

It is during times like these that the solidarity of our union is most crucial. We must be vigilant, prepared to stand together to advocate not only for the preservation of our current terms but for the advancement of our working conditions in whatever new landscape we may face.

In the face of uncertainty, action becomes our strongest asset. Though the tracks ahead may be uncertain, our resolve is not.

Join Unifor’s Get Canada Back On Track campaign to keep VIA Rail publicly owned and operated. Share this message, sign the petition, write your MP and get involved. Your voice is the union’s strength. Together, we’ll ensure that our collective future remains on the right track.