Wireless to the Home Project – Letter to Locals in Ontario and Quebec

April 8, 2019


To:                   All Bell Craft, BTS and Expertech Craft Locals in Ontario and Quebec


Re:                   Wireless to the Home Project



Sisters and Brothers,


Late last week, at the same time the company was announcing the first ever surplus (82 jobs) in the Bell Craft unit, the union was informed of Bell’s intention to contract out the entire Wireless to the Home (WTTH) project.


This project (as far as we understand) is the next major undertaking of the company as it relates to providing quality home internet service in rural communities across several provinces. With an estimated 1.2 million potential added customers and an opportunity to move the project east to Atlantic Canada in the future.


The company provided no valid explanation (business case) to the union other than to say that their frustration with the current state of labour relations in Bell units made it a decision they felt they had to make.  Essentially, trying to blame the union. Ironically, today, just two days later, the company has launched this new service on line in communities across Ontario.





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