Good Jobs For All Coalition

The Good Jobs for All Coalition, a coalition of more than 30 community, labour and environmental organizations in the Greater Toronto Area, is sponsoring a teach-in and public forum next Monday.  Please join us for this important event!


NAFTA, Jobs and Equity – Teach-in and Forum

Monday Dec 4th

Teach-in at 5 pm (with pizza!)

Public Forum at 7 pm.


Keynote speakers: Armine Yalnizyan, Economist and CBC Columnist, and Hassan Yussuff, President of the Canadian Labour Congress

Location: Steelworkers Hall at 25 Cecil St., Toronto

(southeast of Spadina & College, parking behind building)
Background:   There’s been considerable public debate about President Trump’s agenda and what it might mean for some Canadian industries and provisions such as the dispute settlement mechanism.  However, there’s been less attention to issues such as:
– The potential impact on jobs in both manufacturing and the huge service sectors of our economy, public and private services, and what this means for women, racialized workers and others employed in these sectors
– The role of the corporate lobby in these talks, with interests that may differ at times from Trump’s
– The interplay of NAFTA, CETA and TPP on all sectors and impact on public policies such as local procurement policies; and
– An alternative vision of global trade, development and solidarity.


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Josephine Petcher

National Representative | Représentante nationale

Toronto Area Director | Directrice locale de Toronto