Sisters and Brothers,

Nominations have closed for the 2019 Executive Elections and an Election for all Executive positions has been declared.


  • Polling in work centres will commence from June 10th 2019 to June 14th 2019.
  • All 1996-O members must cast ballots on their own time, prior to start of shift, end of shift, or lunch break etc.
  • The Election will take place on June 17th 2019.
  • Balloting at each Poll station will start at 0630hrs until 1800hrs (Note poll closes at 1800 hrs no votes will be accepted after this time)  Also please have your employee card or photo ID ready to present at the polling station.  You will need to sign for your ballots and must vote at the ballot station once you receive your ballots NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you are not ready to vote do not accept your ballots.
  • Also voting lists will be produced by common locality so you must cast ballots in your common locality work centre only on the day of the poll.
  • Note:  Eg. Structured Cable operations are mostly done from 416 West Horner locality, however not all Structured Cable Techs/Pullers share Horner as their locality within Local 1996-O. If you are unsure please view the current company provided seniority list for verification.


Polling will be done at each common locality on the following dates:

Note* 416 West technicians (Horner/Arrow) must vote at their assigned work centre only.

Horner               June 10

Arrow                 June 10

Royal Windsor  June 11

Brampton          June 11

Core                    June 12

Markham           June 12

Argentia             June 13

Orangeville        June 13

Birchmount       June 14

1996-O, 2019 Election candidates are as follows:


  • Lee Zommers
  • Colum Lynn  

Vice President:

  • Sanjay Singh
  • Paolo Romano
  • Andrew McMahon


  • Brian Lowery
  • Louis Donisi  


  • Chris Glover
  • Nelson DaSilva
  • Lloyd Bishop



In Solidarity,

Local 1996-O