Telecommunication workers at BellMTS ratify contract to improve working conditions

Canada’s telecommunications workers build and maintain critical infrastructure for families and workers. On Thursday August 27, telecom workers at BellMTS in Manitoba ratified a three-year collective agreement to build upon a strong foundation and improve working conditions.

“Congratulations to the bargaining committee and the members for securing this contract,” said Gavin McGarrigle, Unifor Western Regional Director. “At the start of bargaining the members identified a goal of improving working conditions and job security and this contract achieves those goals.”

The new agreement includes wage increases in every year of the contract, improvements to Performance Management, and the conversion of casual and part-time jobs into more secure and predictable regular part time and full-time jobs.

Workers who raised work-induced stress as a critical issue will benefit from a negotiated review of mental health initiatives in the workplace.

The new contract also secured paid leave for survivors of domestic violence and two women’s advocates in the workplace. Unifor helped to spearhead the now global movement to negotiate these programs at the bargaining table. Information on the ground-breaking women’s advocate program can be found here.

“This contract shows the strength that telecom workers have when we unite and organize through our unions,” said Patty Deschamps, Unifor Local 7 President. “I’m grateful for the support from members across the province during this round of negotiations. My hope is that this new contract will deliver the stability and peace of mind that our members and their families need today.”