Unifor calls on provincial government to assume control of Windsor-area long-term care home

WINDSOR— Staffing levels at The Village of St. Clair are below crisis levels and action is demanded from the provincial government, says Unifor.

“This is a matter of life or death,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President. “The current owners of The Village of St. Clair are no longer capable of providing the necessary care. The Government of Ontario must step in.”

Unifor has written to Premier Ford to ask that his government to take over control of the long-term care home’s operation.

To-date, the home has 97 active COVID-19 cases among residents and 50 among staff. Nine residents have died. The employer’s attempt to use agency workers as replacements is not working, says Unifor. There have been reports of one PSW assigned to care for more than thirty residents.

“The government has resources at its disposal for emergencies like this, including the armed forces or the Red Cross. Something must be done immediately before a terrible situation gets even worse,” said Dias.

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