Unifor celebrates pharmacare bill passing third reading

June 3, 2024


OTTAWA – Unifor welcomes the passing of the third reading of the federal pharmacare bill, bringing Canada one step closer to making universal pharmacare a reality.

“We are glad to see the pharmacare plan come to fruition as so many Canadians are in need of it,” said Unifor National President Lana Payne. “With this bill, we are paving the way for a health care system where no Canadian has to worry about affording their medications. ”

In February, the Liberal/NDP pharmacare plan was introduced, outlining coverage for essential medications, including contraception and diabetes-related prescriptions and equipment. The bill aims to address the gaps in Canada’s health care system, ensuring comprehensive access to necessary medications for all Canadians.

“This plan is especially significant for women, who often face greater barriers to accessing health care,” said Payne. “By including contraception and other vital medications, we are taking a critical step towards achieving gender equity in health care. This is not just about medication; it’s about justice and fairness for all.”

Unifor has called on the federal and provincial governments to work together to make much needed medications available across the country and for the provinces of Alberta and Quebec to commit to dedicating any federal funds received towards pharmacare.

Unifor has been at the forefront of advocating for universal pharmacare, leading initiatives like the Pharmacare Now campaign. Additionally, the union’s Reproductive Justice Now campaign continues to push for expanded access to sexual and reproductive health care services.

Unifor remains dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians through continuous advocacy and collaboration with coalition partners and labour unions.