Unifor statement on Ukraine invasion

Unifor statement on Ukraine invasion

Working people bear the brunt of any war.

They are the ones sent into battle. Their neighborhoods in war zones are left in ruins. Families are devastated, even far from the frontlines, as sons, fathers, daughters and mothers are sent into battle, never to return. Or returning broken.

With the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, working people will pay that price once again.

Unifor condemns this invasion, and we express our deep concern that further escalation of military conflicts will bring the world to the brink of war with enormous humanitarian consequences.

There is no such thing as a foreign war. Many Canadians have their roots in Ukraine, and still have families there. When a major power such as Russia invades another country, the resulting instability threatens us all.

Unifor stands with our trade union organizations in Europe to call for urgent dialogue and political solutions to ensure a stable outcome for Ukraine and guarantee security in Europe.

Unifor joins with IndustriALL and the European Trade Union Federation in calling for trade union solidarity across borders, and endorses their statements that only peace and security can ensure both the sustainable economic recovery workers need and the social justice programs working people and their families rely on.

We must spare a moment, too, for the journalists covering this and other wars. War correspondents put their lives on the line to keep us informed.

In solidarity,

Lana Payne, National Secretary-Treasurer
Renaud Gagné, Québec Director