Assignment of hours for RPT’S on Due Date

The Union filed a national policy grievance claiming that the Company was scheduling Part-Time Employees for four-hour shifts and improperly requiring part-time employees to keep themselves available on their non-guaranteed day of rest in the event they are required to work four-hour shifts on Due Date.

The Company agrees it will no longer assign hours of work on Due Date to the  Part-Time employees, they will be offered hours(Voluntary!!). The Company will not discipline Part-Time employees that decline hours offered, on Due Date and further agree that employees will not be obligated or compelled in any way to accept the hours offered on Due Date….



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Bell Canada Ratification Results!!



Ballots counted of the Bell offer on January 16th 2017.
Coordinated: Olivier Carrière, national representative, Ottawa

Number of members eligible to vote: 3831
Number of members who voted: 2626
Accepted: 1473
Rejected: 1151
Number of spoiled ballots 2
Percent of participants: 68,5%
Percent Accepted: 56%
Percent rejected: 44%
Date: 2017-02-23


Where have all our Structured Cabling Cable Pullers gone

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Bell sub-contractor


Where have all our Structured Cabling Cable Pullers gone

Apartment Building Residents at 185 Cosburn Ave. Toronto found Notices taped to their doors from Bell.

The Notice said Bell Technicians “will require access to certain areas of your Apartment Building, including all Apartment Units” for 4 consecutive days, starting August 8, 2016 from 9:00a.m.–6:00p.m.

Bell Technicians will be installing new Bell Gigabit Fibe fibre ISW-inside wiring in each Apartment Unit to ensure compatibility with our new Bell Gigabit Fibe fibre Technology and will be accompanied by a Representative appointed by your Building Property Management Team if your Apartment Unit is unoccupied when the Bell Technicians arrive.

“This initiative is supported by the Owner of your Building.”

A Resident of 185 Cosburn Ave. Toronto who asked to remain anonymous said she was startled to find the Notice on her door from Bell, saying that at some point over the 4 consecutive day period, Bell Technicians would be entering her Apartment Unit to install new Bell Gigabit Fibe fibre ISW-inside wiring.

At 9:30a.m. the following Monday, a Bell sub-contractor named “Bernie” and a Building Superintendent arrived unannounced at her Apartment Unit door and demanded entry to install the new Bell Gigabit Fibe fibre ISW-inside wiring.

The Resident at first refused Bell sub-contractor Bernieaccess but said she relented because she felt sorry for Bell sub-contractor Bernie“.

The Resident said Bell sub-contractor Bernie” told her he needed access to her Apartment Unit riser to wire the Apartments Units above. And if he didn’t, it would cost Bell sub-contractor Bernie$200.00 in lost pay.

The Resident said she finally agreed to allow access the next day, after Bell sub-contractor Bernie” told her he is paid $40.00 per Apartment Unit for new Bell Gigabit Fibe fibre ISW-inside wiring installations and that if he couldn’t get access to her Apartment Unit riser, he couldn’t wire the Apartment Units above.

Bell said its Bell Technicians connect Communication Infrastructure in the Apartment Building to Bell Fibre Network and may require access to individual Apartment Units to complete the work, even in cases where Service may not be immediately required.

Bell Gigabit Fibe bringing the fastest Internet to Toronto Residents with a Billion dollar+ Network investment, creation of 2,400 direct Jobs


yet another example !


The local has been made aware of yet another example of Bell/BTS violating the Tripartite Agreement.

On a recent conference call with the Labour Relations Committee, the company announced that both BTS and Bell Craft would no longer be doing any pay phone (coin) installation or repair services as of May 23 or June 1, dependant on geographical locations. This work is being given to contractors – work that we have been doing since before 2005.

The bargaining unit is currently short on work and the majority of RPT’s in the province are not working 40 hours a week.

Clearly this is another violation of the signed agreement.

“Whereas, for the duration of this Agreement, Bell Canada has no intention to use contractors in regards to the work performed by Bell Technical Solutions in accordance to this agreement,”

“2. Bell Canada undertakes to give to its own employees who are members of the Craft and Services Employees bargaining unit, and/or to employees who are members of the BTS Craft Employees bargaining units, all the work defined in the Memorandum of Agreement – Jurisdiction of work, copy of which is attached hereto as Appendix B. More specifically, it is understood and agreed that the work performed by BTS on April 30, 2005 will continue to be performed by BTS.”

“9. This Agreement is made for the benefit of CEP and its members included in the BTS Craft Employees bargaining units for the duration of this agreement,”

The approximate 1200 contractors already hired to do structure cabling / fiber work, along with the current removal of a long standing job function is just another slap in the face and a disregard to the members.

This further violation needs to be included in our submission/statement of claim to the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario. The Local has advised Unifor Legal and Unifor National Officers of our position.

In Solidarity,

Sam Snyders

President, Local 1996-O