Work Place Committee’s


Workplace Committees are an integral part of an effective Union Local. The Local 1996-O Executive believe all workplaces require both effective Union Reps as well as Trained Workplace Committee members who are passionate in helping others. The Workplace committee will comprise of 3 members in EVERY work centre. We are therefore actively seeking 1 RFT employee, 1 RPT or SPT employee and 1 visible minority member to fill these positions.


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In Solidarity,

Local 1996-O Executive


Assignment of hours for RPT’S on Due Date

The Union filed a national policy grievance claiming that the Company was scheduling Part-Time Employees for four-hour shifts and improperly requiring part-time employees to keep themselves available on their non-guaranteed day of rest in the event they are required to work four-hour shifts on Due Date.

The Company agrees it will no longer assign hours of work on Due Date to the  Part-Time employees, they will be offered hours(Voluntary!!). The Company will not discipline Part-Time employees that decline hours offered, on Due Date and further agree that employees will not be obligated or compelled in any way to accept the hours offered on Due Date….



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Bell Canada Ratification Results!!



Ballots counted of the Bell offer on January 16th 2017.
Coordinated: Olivier Carrière, national representative, Ottawa

Number of members eligible to vote: 3831
Number of members who voted: 2626
Accepted: 1473
Rejected: 1151
Number of spoiled ballots 2
Percent of participants: 68,5%
Percent Accepted: 56%
Percent rejected: 44%
Date: 2017-02-23