Letter from Ron Hori, newly elected Associates Bargaining Representative:


“The first leg of this journey is now complete. The Ontario Associates of Bell Technical Solutions have at long last joined their counterparts in Quebec and technicians in both provinces, and are members of their union – Unifor. The inequities that we have endured here have gone on for too many years.

Very special thanks go to the collaborative work from Unifor members, especially Danny McBride – Organizing Representative, Sean Howes – National Representative, and Sam Snyders – Ontario Bargaining Representative, President of Local 1996-O, and many other titles. These three gentlemen were the anchor in getting us to victory with their ideas, support, persistence and positive attitudes.

My thanks go to the BTS Associates who have elected me (and Justin Wiggins) to represent them at the bargaining table. Justin and I will be reviewing the proposals that have been sent in and those discussed at the August 9th meeting.

The next chapter is the bargaining process. With Sam Snyders as Chair, Justin and I are confident in achieving the best possible and fair collective agreement for the members.”

~ Ron Hori

BTS Associates: Certification Application is Approved

It has been both a privilege and an honour to accompany the BTS Associates on their journey to become unionized in Ontario.

I was inspired to hear their personal stories and witness their sheer will to push forward.

I want to see them gain full representation; I want them to have fair compensation; and most importantly, I want them to know that they can support themselves and their families without fear of termination for demanding equality.

The application for certification has been approved and we are now determining our next steps.  Although this process is still far from over, we have conquered the biggest hurdle.

The coming months will be very exciting and I look forward to continuing the journey together.

Sam Snyders
President, Local 1996-O