One step closer to a $15 minimum wage – urgent update on Bill 148


Ontario is now one step closer to making a $15 minimum wage, and equal pay for part-timers a reality!

On Wednesday, a majority of MPPs passed the second reading of Bill 148, the Fair Work, Better Jobs Act. The vote was 66 in favour and 25 against the bill. I hope you will join me in saying thanks to the members of the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party for voting in favour of this bill, while the Conservatives voted against it.

This is exciting news! With one more reading the bill could become law.

While the passage of second reading is good news and a sign that many MPs are listening to the call for labour reform, we need to keep the voices of workers heard!

Please help to share this short Unifor video that tells the stories of temporary workers and why labour reform is needed. The video link to share with your MPP and on your Facebook or Twitter is:

Send your MPP a message to tell them why you support a $15 minimum wage, equal pay for part-timers and temporary agency workers and why labour reform is needed. You can find your MPP’s contact information listed here.

If this bill passes it will be significant and institute concrete changes for workers throughout Ontario, let’s make that happen.

As Unifor members I am asking that together we continue to step up and speak out to demand the government deliver the strongest possible labour legislation for workers that is possible.

For more information and the Unifor downloadable fact sheets on this bill please visit

In solidarity,

Naureen Rizvi

Ontario Regional Director

Bell, it’s time!

In support of our Brothers and Sisters from Bell Clerical……Attached is Bell Clerical Bargaining Bulletin #4


Watch the video here! Bell it’s time!

Bell It's time!Unifor Locals 6004, 6005, 6006, 6007, 6008 and 37

Sisters and Brothers,
Your Bargaining Committee met with the employer October 10-13th in Montreal. The parties have
agreed on some issues, and the Bargaining Committee continues to press hard on our bargaining
agenda. The next bargaining meetings are scheduled for October 23-27th in Montreal.
In solidarity!

Your Unifor Bargaining Team,
Derek MacLeod, Local 6004 Bobby Pearsall, Local 6008 Simone Sladkowski, Local 6008 Véronique
Figliuzzi, Local 6000 Hugues Perreault, Local 6001 Steve Couillard, Local 6003
Josephine Petcher, National Representative
Olivier Carrière, National Representative

Take Action
Three easy things that every member can do to support bargaining:

1. Have you seen the Unifor “Bell, it’s time” video yet? Watch and share this bargaining video
( ). Be sure to show your friends and family and ask
them to support Unifor as we fight back against outsourcing and job erosion.
2. Tweet at @Bell. Tell them #Bellitstime to stop eroding good jobs and to give workers their
fair share!
3. Join your Local’s Facebook page!


United Way Campaign


October 16, 2017


The annual United Way campaigns are now underway. In each of our communities the United Way has a proven ability to make a profound difference. By supporting the United Way, we contribute to reducing inequality, alleviating poverty and building stronger and more inclusive communities.

We all know the impact that the recession, the erosion of the manufacturing base and the rise in low-wage, precarious work, has had on our communities. In many cases it has meant that our members, who in the past have been strong supporters of their local United Way Campaigns, are now looking to United Way agencies for support.

The United Way was established to provide a community response to local problems. If not for the United Way, many of the agencies created to provide support would fold – and vulnerable community members would be alone and without the support they need and deserve. In addition to ensuring essential, life-changing services and programs that thrive in our communities, the United Way also advocates for public policy that will ensure lasting solutions.

As Unifor members, we are committed to ensuring the well-being of all. I urge all Unifor members to support their local United Way campaign both by giving generously and volunteering where possible.

In solidarity,


National President